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There are many situations when a lock of your home, office or car refuses to open and you need the help of a professional team of expert locksmiths. We are just that!

SpeedyLock Emergency Services offers you the help you need in times of trouble when you get stuck in your car, office, or outside your home. All you need to do is ask for our help, by making a simple phone call and don’t worry about the time, because our team is available 24/7.

Best Residential Locksmith Services

Having difficulty opening up one of your home doors? It’s time you call a professional residential locksmith in Scarborough and nearby areas who can help you unlock your home doors. At SpeedyLock Emergency Services, our reliable locksmith experts are certified to unlock all types of doors following all security protocols standardized by the state. Whether you’re getting late for work or you just want to get inside your home fast, call us and our fast-response locksmith in Scarborough will reach your location without wasting a single minute.


We have a variety of locksmith services for our customers. Customer service is our number one priority. Have you recently moved to a new location in Scarborough and nearby areas? Does your lock require replacement or rekeying? Our locksmiths are certified to do it all efficiently and effectively. Call us and our residential locksmith will come to your house and do a complete residence inspection. Based on the condition of your home locks, our expert locksmith will make the right suggestion.


Need a quick replacement job or a complete lock fix at your residence? Feel free to get in touch with us.

House Lockouts Can Happen At Any Time

Have you been locked out of the house? Employ our Residential Locksmith to unlock your residence. House lockouts can be a tragic experience especially when it happens in the middle of the night. Have you broken your key bit inside the residence lock or have you misplaced your keys and can’t find your way in? And looking for New Lock Installation or Need a Lock Rekeying? It’s time you call one of our experts to come to your aid. Our quick responsive locksmith team can reach your location in a matter of minutes. Our experts can fix locks, replace them, rekey them or create a duplicate key just for you. Are you located in Scarborough and having trouble unlocking your home doors?


It’s time you employ a professional residential locksmith.

Lock Re-keying Services Scarborough & Nearby Areas

Do you know that you can change your entire lock mechanism so it can work on an entirely different set of keys? It can save you the cost of replacing entire lock systems at your home/office/automobile/safe.


If your locks aren’t working at full capacity, there’s a high chance that your residence or business is at risk. If you’re keen on your home/office door aesthetics, then don’t take the risk of getting the locks changed. Let our professional Residential Locksmiths in Scarborough change a few pins on your existing non-working lock. You can have an entirely new set of keys to access those locks without risking the door aesthetics at all.


Why Is Lock Rekeying The Best Option?


The locks at your residence location are specifically designed to match the aesthetics of your premises. In case, one of your door locks is simply malfunctioning, you can’t afford to change all the locks at your home or office just because of a particular non-working lock. So what is the best option you have? Call the locksmith experts in Scarborough at SpeedyLock Emergency Services.


At SpeedyLock Emergency Services, we have trained and certified locksmith specialists who are skilled in the art of changing pins on your locks.

Lock Installation Service Scarborough & Nearby Areas

Home security is the first line of your defence and if you don’t have the right locks, you are putting your entire home at risk. Burglaries are common and such incidents can usually take place unannounced. If you have a strong lock system in place, then the chances of getting robbed in your local town Scarborough can become significantly low. Do you want to make sure that your locks are in perfect shape to protect you?


While many unlicensed locksmiths may charge you a price that may simply confuse you, our locksmiths in Scarborough are bound by the state to only charge for the services rendered. Are you in need of a professional locksmith to do a complete new lock installation job at your residence? Then without a doubt, you’ve come to the right place. We have the perfect team of reliable locksmiths in Scarborough who have ample amount of experience in dismembering old locks, Lock Rekeying and replacing them with completely new ones.


Are your present locks old and rusty? Do you have different lock models with plenty of keys and you only want a master key to open all your home door locks? If that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place. Let us do a complete inspection and provide you with a residential locksmith experience like no other.

Hire The Best Team Of Professional Locksmiths

Desperate times call for desperate measures and a fully professional team equipped with the right tools to help you. Home lockouts are a common occurrence in Scarborough and if you’ve befallen such tragedy, what you require is a team of highly professional locksmiths who can unlock your home doors without causing any damage. Hire one of our specialists at Scarborough Locksmith and get a carefree locksmith service now.

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Happy Clients

Over the years that we have performed lockout rescue in Scarborough, we have gained vast exposure to unlocking different locks. In addition, we have trained our new locksmiths passing the same knowledge on to them. This has enabled us to get nice reviews from the clients that we have served in the past.

Incredibly efficient and precise with their service. Was in and out quickly which was a definite plus with a busy schedule like my own. Highly recommend them.
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Aada Laine
Mark came and changed all the locks in the shop in a fast efficient manner, even offering me an extra key. Highly recommended SpeedyLock Emergency Services.
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Caitlynn Potts
I am so pleased I chose this company to re-key my home. Fast and nice price. Very kind and accommodating. Thank you so much Root for your amazing work.
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Alisa Hester